Something to Drink

I’ve never got around to having a signature drink. I’m just too indecisive. I used to change my nail polish two or three times a week. I swapped my major and my entire degree plan around at one point, because I wasn’t completely enthralled. I can’t fixate on one drink.

I’ll take a mocha or latte when I want coffee. The main difference here is the chocolate factor. If I want chocolate as well as coffee I’ll take the mocha. This preference greatly outweighs the selection of the latte.

However there’s also the chai latte, which I like for the spice. If I’m not in the mood for that I’ll take the chai tea, to my understanding there is a difference, and sometimes I’ll take black tea. 

And if none of these appeal it’s a hot chocolate flavoured with either peppermint, raspberry or orange.  


9 thoughts on “Something to Drink”

      1. There are and I went through a phase of trying different ones but in the end I came back to the good old faithful. I’d like to like coffee because I love the scent of it and all of the varieties sound wonderful – I just can’t get on with the taste. 🙂


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