Tunneling Through Time and Space

Excellent, I get to build a tunnel.

Problem is, I live in New ZealandWe’re so far removed from half the world that you need a time-warping, space-bending tunnel if you want to go to Europe, which is where I would like my tunnel. Let’s say it brings me to England so I can always pay homage to Shakespeare and Chaucer first. Think of it as my own pilgrimage.

Wouldn’t Chaucer be proud?

And from there I can roam to a variety of other cities and countries. I hear rumours of buses and trains that go throughout Europe very cheaply. I’ve had some form of wanderlust for years, I suspect it’s only going to get worse now I’m not in study. I’ve read books, okay, I’ve seen pictures. In times gone by I would sit online happily Googling the winter Christmas (so jealous; I’m sure I remember a barbecue Christmas one year) and I would very much like to experience it once.

This tunnel would be an all-access pass to some of the biggest things I dearly want to see.

… Y’know what, I’m going to go create a travel wishlist. 

15 thoughts on “Tunneling Through Time and Space”

  1. it’s weird, I live in Long Island NY and I completely relate to what your wanderlust and the time you are in your life, every word. I am aware that New Zealand must be even more expensive and difficult to escape to europe. Anyway being a New Zealander are you a fan of Tame Impala and Pond?


      1. I think I’ll make a travel wishlist, sounds like a good idea, I’ve always had a vague idea of places i want to go, but by the way you’re in for a treat if you’ve never heard Tame Impala. They’re pretty big in Europe and the US, i know Pond was playing close to Nz recently. But Tame Impalas amazing, theyre roots are both in new zealand.


  2. We in England eagerly await your arrival. We have a throng of Penguins to welcome you and escort you to the birthplace of Shakespere. Here you will be able to purchace a gift of your choice in rememberance of your visit.. How welcoming are we? Hotel accomodation will be provided… A corner room, naturally.

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  3. Why, yes of course… We intend to satisfy your wishlist during the UK leg of your visit. We have miles of ‘red carpet’ layed out for the ‘Queen of Slurking’ …


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