The Reading Corner

Okay, time for a confession. 

I buy loads of books, and haven’t read them all. I have a bookcase crammed with the A to Z of classics: Aristophanes to Woolf. Most of them have gone unread. This is primarily due to the fact that while studying I didn’t have a lot of time for reading. When you have two or three books per week to read, you don’t want to confuse things further by reading something off-syllabus. Well, that’s just me.

However I’m now trying to find work, having finished my studies. I started Crime and Punishment some months ago and didn’t finish, so I’m going to go with that. As I remember, I got halfway through and wondered where I’d formed the stereotype of impossible-to-read. So, let’s go with that.

No, wait. What about Madame Bovary?

Or perhaps Jane Eyre

Second confession: I buy books and then get indecisive. Just look at my wishlist: I currently have a wishlist of 200 items, and it’s still incomplete. So I flutter around and try to decide what to read, and nothing gets read. I’m working to cure myself of this.

12 thoughts on “The Reading Corner”

  1. I have a similar problem of a lot of books left “unread” whilst still continuing to buy more books. I was in a reading drought for a couple years where I was reading maybe two books every six months and it was just bad. Way off my usual pace. I’ve gotten back into the game recently, though, and it’s a great joy.


  2. I so can relate to this! 😀 I love buying books – both the physical and the digital – though I don’t always get to read them right away. I had lots of time four months ago when I was still a student, but now, with all the paperwork in the office, my new books are just piling up. :p


  3. I love it when I have so many books that I’ve left unread that when I peruse my bookshelves it’s like walking into my very own bookstore.

    “Oh, I think I will purchase these… Oh, they’re on sale for $0.00?”


    1. That’s quite true! Reminds me of a bookstore I went to once. It was literally an old house, stripped bare and piled high with books in every little nook and cranny. A little attic, at least three ‘bedrooms’, lounge area… Crammed with old second hand books, only you had to pay for them.

      It was magical.


  4. Yep im like that too.. i took 20 something books with me to collage.. came back with 40 something and i only read during he year maybe four or five books..


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