I don’t think I’ve ever named a possession. It just doesn’t seem logical to name something; get attached to it and then lose it. For instance a computer went bye-byes some years ago, so I upgraded.

And so the next computer was different. It sat taller and prouder, had a different personality. I couldn’t trouble myself to name it, because in a few years it might go bye-byes and – so I didn’t see a need.

If I did however give something a name it would be to my computer and it would probably mean faithful or loyal; it’s sat with me through countless nights of blogging, days of music and movies and everything in between.

7 thoughts on “Untitled”

  1. Lol, the only possession I’ve ever named is my first guitar (though that’s not really something that I’ll ever give up – too many memories!). I guess I’m just a sentimental person… 😉


    1. Fair enough – I understand people do name things which mean a lot to them. I could name my computer, though it might not last the next decade so that makes me reluctant. Something like a guitar is a lot longer-lasting, in my opinion 🙂


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