Adored or Admired

Oh no, this is a question I’ve often asked myself. Widely popular or little known?

Actually, I was thinking about this literally a few hours ago, so I guess the Daily Prompt people are telepaths.

I don’t know that I want to be a paperback writer; I would like my books to be a little more durable. Preferably in hard cover, or at least something that will stand multiple readings. (This comes from someone who buys strictly paperback, because they’re generally $10 or so cheaper than hardbacks, and so I can buy more books overall)

Can I be really greedy and ask for both? Novels that will be studied widely, admired, and also bring pleasure to millions? Reasoning: I have studied Jane Eyre and Dracula. Many people have studied them. I read them for pleasure; I’m sure many others do too. Reading is what brings me pleasure, being able to wander off into someone else’s world.

And so I’d like people to study them, if they were so inclined: to me that would say my novels were worthy of being studied, that there is something to be found in them. 

Not as easy an answer as you might think.


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