Zipping into the Future

If I’m going to speed into the future overnight, I hope for great things. I fairly recently had my birthday; I’m still adapting to being a year older.

To begin, I’d like to either have a solid job or be self-employed. If I’m working for others I’d like it to be somewhere I don’t expect. I learned my lesson years ago about having my life planned in full.

I’d also like to have reached a higher qualification than a B.A. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with only having a B.A., I’m just the type of person who would probably really enjoy doing post-grad. At the moment I’m taking time off study so I can work, and stuff, figure things out.

I don’t really know what else. I’d like to have a social life, I guess. Maybe think about travel, or have travelled – actually that’s kind of a must-do because I’m endlessly curious and fascinated.

And then I’d like to zip back to the present, in order to live those ten years properly.


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