When things go wrong I like to write about them, if it’s something significant. For me the act of writing things down is cathartic – this follows in two ways. I might post something on a blog, where it’s been poemized and edited slightly; or, I might type out a few words in Microsoft Word and then lock the document with a random password, never to be remembered.

The first option then has the potential for me to gain feedback or relate to someone. I’m a big believer in connecting to people through the words one writes. And for someone who is an aspiring writer, this is all helpful. Every time I post on here, it helps me hone words and figure out how to express something.

The second option allows for the super-secret stuff – and in doing so this helps me differentiate between what’s too personal.  Blog Me and Real Me, if you will. 

None of this is very unorthodox, but it is what it is and it works.

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