A Block of Words

I can’t actually pinpoint the last time I had writer’s block. If I flip through my journal, I’ve got poems written down sporadically over the last nineteen months, and it probably says a lot that it’s taken me this long to fill one small journal. 

Even as I write I have a poem idea and three lines open in the Notes of my phone, ready to start once I’ve posted this. What inspires me is the want to write and the thoughts: for instance I did something the other week that I didn’t intend. It was a mistake and so I wrote about it. And from there stemmed a second poem which mutated. From there, a short story idea, and another poem, and so on. I’m planning my fourth NaNoWriMo, you guys.

I think it comes about from a lack of ideas; or time. During exams I relied heavily on the Writing 101 prompts, because some days I just didn’t know what I wanted to write. 

If I’m really stuck I’ll come on and look at a Daily Prompt, try to scrape together a few words. Even if it’s just something random about how I get along with writer’s block I at least have written something.

And now this poem summons me.


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