Minus the Tackiness

I can’t say I’ve witnessed something unbearably tacky recently. This reason is a two-pronged one: I don’t have a TV, and I don’t spend the money going to the movies.

Oh! Hang on. There was a fanfic I read. The summary sounded promising – someone is keeping a secret from their friends. So, naively, I clicked. In hindsight the author’s penname should have given it away.

The story was appalling. Have you ever read My Immortal? It’s a Harry Potter fic which basically eats all the cliches in the world and has the worst Mary-Sue ever to walk the world. Seriously, do your brain cells a favour and don’t read it. 

And yet this story was worse. Several of the reviews queried what drug the author was on – someone else stated simply “I’m sorry, I am not high enough for this.” The words made no sense, the spelling was horrid, the plot as far as I could tell was non-existent and I’m pretty sure it was set in some whole other universe. It is an insult to good writing. I don’t claim to be a good writer, but I can string together coherent sentences and my spelling/grammar are solid. I do believe a kindergartener could do better.

So, with my brain cells slowly recoiling from my screen in dismay, I clicked out of the story, one refrain in my mind.

What the f?

3 thoughts on “Minus the Tackiness”

  1. There is nothing worse than lousy fanfic. I’ve read some awful ones and they make me cringe — so much so, that now I’ll only read fanfic of people I trust.


    1. Oh, so have I. I have a similar habit: establish that I like someone’s work, and follow them to the ends of the earth. If you’re going to restructure canon, at least do it well, is my opinion 🙂


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