A Return

Okay, you guys, I’m back!

I was forcibly vacationed from the internet when the wi-fi provider thingy threw a hissy fit and the internet fell over. It broke its leg. 

And whomever said that being without technology is relaxing… I think they’re wrong. For me a lot of technology is relaxing. I enjoy the skimming through blogs and fanfic, I love the convenience of banking online, I admire the many many entertaining things on YouTube… the list goes on.

Being offline didn’t do much to relax me. Contrarily, it made me anxious to think about all the emails I’d have waiting. It bugged me to know my iPod had a waiting update, and I couldn’t run it until I had access. I typed out numerous fanfics and finished them – and that’s my next stop, posting them all. I started new ones, tap-tap-tapping at speed. I got 4000 words into one, and I’m still not done. 

I grew bored. I couldn’t check emails or play games or blog – even now I have tomorrow’s blog planned out – or catch up on the news, or watch TV on demand because I don’t have a functioning TV.

And here I am now with internet dancing in my veins and words on my fingertips. I’ll be back in a few hours with a Daily Prompt (maybe).

Expect to hear from me a lot over the next few days. Missed you.

2 thoughts on “A Return”

  1. Oh I know how you feel! I had almost a week of no internet while housesitting for a friend. It can be very stressful! Glad you’re back now, and look forward to reading more of your posts.


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