On New Things

I laughed when I read the prompt. I laughed and laughed.

Because the question being asked – how long have you got? There’s a lot I’d like to learn – patron saint of curiosity here – so let’s skim the shortlist, shall we?

-Astronomy. I can look at pretty pictures and that’s it. Start putting in the science and chemistry and physics, and my brain goes to mush. And to be honest I have issues seeing the constellations – I’ve always wondered how someone can look at a line of stars and say, “Hey, that’s constellation X.”
This line of thinking is the impediment for pursuing other interests such as psychology or learning how to do magic with a computer, that goes beyond blogging and emailing and typing things. Basically any science, I have issues with, but then again I haven’t done a science course in many years. 

-An instrument. I always wanted to learn an instrument, but never got around to it, as it detracted from reading. Seriously. If there’s an instrument I can play that will allow me to read simultaneously please let me know.

-Sports. Despite my partial aversion to sports played with a ball, I am not opposed to something like swimming or tennis. In theory with tennis, that is. I’ve never actually played.

-Other languages. Recently I determined that I’m going to become multi-lingual. This was impeded by an earlier progress in German, and a desire to not eradicate that process. Still, I’ve collected apps that teach various languages, and so I shall begin as I mean to go on.

-Yoga. It looks good, but you have to contort into odd positions. It’s a terrifying thought.

Er… I could continue, but I won’t. I’m going to go and be curious about things some more now. 

4 thoughts on “On New Things”

  1. I love anything about astronomy. I know nothing about it technically, but it fascinates me. I can’t play any musical instrument. Would have loved to have learnt the piano though. Sports? I love sports…watching it that is. Especially cricket (let’s not mention The Ashes 😀 ) swimming/diving, tennis and gymnastics. I’m trying to learn Italian. Yoga? I like strawberry yoga served with sliced banana 😉


    1. Same – it’s fascinating. Guitar would be my first choice. Really not one for sports – cricket… I don’t really go for it. Italian’s cool; I’ve learned a few basic bits and pieces so far.


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