Punctuating My Words

Hm, I quite like punctuation.

I don’t have one special favourite though. That requires a lot more thought than I’m willing to dedicate – I have an exam fourteen and a half hours from now.

So. I try to avoid exclamation marks, because there’s a lot of exuberance involved. One of my tutors, in emails, liked to use them a lot, and I was always suspicious of why. So many exclamation marks, I thought, meant an overly cheerful personality. It did not go smoothly with my own serious nature.

I really like question marks, because they’re questioning. They want to know things. I am an adult – a grown woman, even – and still demand answers to things. I suppose my attitude to wanting to know things can be a bit child-like; I’ve read that children ask the most questions. Still, I have to ask questions.

Okay, next, semicolons. I like them fine, use them often enough. Typically when I’m listing things in a paragraph or looking to make a point. Hyphens come in the same bracket here, because I use them to break up a thought. This happens anywhere, really. Refer to the above paragraph about question marks, there’s a nice example.

Oh, and I can’t forget the ellipsis. Mainly I use it in stories, not poems. I might also use them when chatting to someone or emailing, to indicate that my thought process has trailed off and I’m stopping to think. Commas are fun too. I sometimes have a lot to say and even when typing you need to pause and take a break.

Right, I’m off. Apologies if this isn’t too engaged with the prompt, but I’ll be back in twenty-four hours. Please don’t break anything.

7 thoughts on “Punctuating My Words”

  1. When I was in grade school, my method of punctuation consisted of grabbing a handful of commas, throwing them up in the air and where they landed, that’s where they stayed. Hey, let us know how your exam goes okay?


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