The 400 Words

I don’t know what to write, really. I feel like I’ve covered a lot of the usual topics by now. I could go on a bit more about exams and all that, but I did that the other day.

Free-writing is not my thing. Last time I did this someone commented on how organized my thoughts seemed, for being written randomly in twenty minutes. I still don’t quite know how I did that. Organized my thoughts, I mean. Maybe it’s the exam influence, how I plan and sketch out essay plans before organizing my thoughts.

I remember one time at high school, the time when I still tried art, and we had to scatter bits of paper and make it a collage. I did that OK, but then I found myself absently adjusting the papers until I had a few neat lines, and I didn’t realize that until the others in my group gave me Strange Looks. I don’t especially mind – I guess it’s just a dominant analytical nature. I can’t even watch something like Pretty Little Liars without analysing things and reading online theories and tracking down spoilers to make sense of things and symbolism.

I should start painting. I’ve been collecting the items necessary; I think I’ll be an abstract type. I used to say I had the artistic ability of a lamppost, but then again you could say that writing is an art form and I practise that daily in which case I’m practically a prodigy. Is that the right word – doesn’t it relate to being a super-smart child? I’m not a child, though I guess I’m smart.

Good thing this doesn’t have a time requirement.

I wonder what I’ll be doing a month from now. It’s probably not going to be easy getting a job. I tried for a library job and didn’t get it, so maybe I need something that requires fewer qualifications. Who knew you needed NCEA credits in certain subjects just to shelve books? And to think I have actual library experience, but it’s their loss. From what I know waitressing isn’t the worst thing in the world, and it’s not the best. It’s in between. I could do that. I know how to efficiently carry three heavy plates simultaneously and I’m sure I could train myself to deal with people.

I don’t really deal with a lot of people right now. Maybe I’ll google waitressing stories. There’s one blog on here that’s quite entertaining.

And there goes my Writing 101 prompted 400 words.

I’ll be back in an hour for my Daily Prompt.

8 thoughts on “The 400 Words”

  1. I tried doing a post for this Blogging 101 exercise, and managed to write 70 words before my brain seized up and decided to go back to sleep. I have to have a story in mind when I write. I guess that’s why I’ve never been able to have a journal. LOL I’ve not done very well with this Blogging U exercise at all; in fact, I’ll probably get kicked out for not handing in my homework assignments ~sigh~ 😦


    1. This came about in dribs and drabs. I’m also not very good, it seems, at this aimless writing – like you I need a story to tell. I tried a few times to have a daily journal, but it never stuck, and now I have half written notebooks or a few random computer files.


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