My Personality, Frozen

Alright, I don’t do wacky. I could think of a dozen combinations that are outright weird and hideous, but they wouldn’t reflect my personality if they were wrapped up in a tub of ice cream.

With that in mind, the combination that reflects my personality goes something like this: one portion of the ice cream is blueberry. A bit tart – or in personality terms a bit sarcastic. It’s also a bit unusual, I don’t think I’ve ever met blueberry ice cream. To me it’s the kind for slightly more adventurous people.

The next part is vanilla, which is sweeter and subtler and complements the tartness. This reflects how I can have two aspects to my personality, so to speak. There’s sharp and sarcastic, there’s sweet and sincere. Vanilla’s more commonplace, which could mean it’s quite widely liked. Also, with vanilla you can dress it up in a plethora of ways that might clash with blueberry. Vanilla’s social. You like it or you don’t, but it’s there.

And lastly there’s a portion of coffee. Coffee is for the side of me that likes a hot drink on a cold day; this time it’s a cold serving on a hot day. It’s the side that goes to university and stays up all night reading, just because – and yes, I’ve done that more than once. It’s the academic/student side that likes the jolt of energy in a drink that doesn’t come from Starbucks.


9 thoughts on “My Personality, Frozen”

  1. Hi Sara,

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