Vendor of Items

I’m so glad you asked this, Daily Prompt. I have a multi-layered vending machine in mind. 

The first part, I take no credit for. There are books by J.D. Robb, and as I understand it they are very In The Future types. In these books they have a magical machine which provides you with food – by which I mean a meal, not a chocolate bar and bag of crisps. From what I know you simply select your desired food and it’s brought to you.

The second part is the more important. It is a book slot. For stray coins, you can buy a new copy of a specific book as long as it’s in-stock. If it’s out of stock, you have the option to preorder it, and the books are all stacked neatly so as to dispense the book immediately. I’m quite happy with my two online book retailers, but sometimes three weeks is an eternity for a book I want to read. 

The third part is far more superficial. It would be the makeup side, because I have magpie tendencies and get distracted with shiny things. I especially like nail polish and lip gloss, because they’re pretty and shiny and I collect them. Again, you can buy them with a couple of loose coins and not wait for delivery fees or have to go to a store.

The fourth part dispenses craft supplies. By this, I mean bead kits, because I’m partial to making my own jewellery. One day I’ll start selling it. OK, not bead kits per se, but packages of beads, decorative whatsits, tools, and the supplies I’d need. It would also stock paint supplies and writing implements, and again the machine would do this very cheaply. 

This machine would be able to fold so that you could shrink it down and not have it clutter up the place, and there would be an option – a main menu like you get at an ATM, where you could choose which items specifically you want. It would do previews of things and send alerts to you when they get something in stock or if you order something.

Hm, maybe I should work on inventing such a thing.


17 thoughts on “Vendor of Items”

      1. Midas! Clever. I love that book vending machine. I say have two side by side: Classics and Modern Goodies. The two together in the same machine would reek havoc on my brain. Also, the nail polish/makeup machine, very nice.


      2. I always forget to use my coins and hand over cash. I’ve got tons of coins just waiting for that machine. 🙂 But yes, coins only is definitely safer!


  1. Oh, this would be so perfect. If not the meals and the jewellery parts but the books. The only issue is that I would probably end up buying too many – I already have 30 or so on my “to-read” shelf, with two of those bought on impulse the other day. Imagine if we could just buy books, just like that, without having to browse shelves or interact with people, and have them there and then, and cheaper. It would be chaos! But such a great idea 😀


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