No More Freud, Please

I’ve become very acquainted with Freud these last months, studying him quite thoroughly. We’re practically best friends now. 

And once again the promptis reading my mind, because I actually dreamed the other night. In the dream I was swimming in the ocean, on a sunny day. Dolphins showed up and began swimming around me, being playful. They were bottlenoses, and they always look like they’re smiling. At one point I got a dolphin-back ride through the waves; then a boat went by churning up the water. Dolphins love that, I understand.

It was very content, very happy. 

And I’m going to admit here: my analysis is not entirely my own. You see, I’ve always liked dream interpretation, and yesterday I downloaded an app that makes interpreting much easier. According to the interpreter, dolphins are an inspirational sort of motif and linked to upward progression in life, along with utilizing your mind’s capacity. This may link to my real-life self thinking about various post-grad options, though I don’t intend to commit to any of that right away.

‘To dream that you are riding a dolphin represents your optimism and social altruism’ – well, this might be to do with the upward progression, possibly where Future Me has friends and a job and stuff. Altruism is to do with helping, so maybe that’s a bit of foreshadowing somehow.

I suppose I should also mention that as a kid I was supremely obsessed with dolphins. Collected posters and figurines; still have the figurines, but the posters are gone. Books at the library; I never knew why – still don’t know why, but I always favoured dolphins over the rest of the animal kingdom. So the dream could also be a reflection of that.

Hm… I just remembered another dream, so I’m coming back tomorrow to analyze that, because this is how my brain works now. Thanks, Freud.

4 thoughts on “No More Freud, Please”

  1. Such a happy image of riding a dolphin! I love dolphins too. My dad is a sailor and my happiest memory is that of seeing a school of dolphins swim alongside the ship! Dolphins = Happiness, for me 🙂


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