Comfort Food

First: please forgive any rambles. I’m in post-exam exhaustion. And it’s Saturday.

I don’t have a favourite childhood meal. To be quite honest I don’t remember much of childhood foods.

However I do have a favourite adulthood meal. It’s homemade macaroni and cheese.That’s the vital thing: it has to be homemade. You know the Kraft stuff, the one where you add water or milk or something and microwave it? That stuff is orange. I eventually came to my senses and decided I could make it better – this was in the phase after I’d learned lasagne. And I did learn to make it better. Mum taught me what to do, coaching me through a roux from scratch.

It makes for a good winter meal, and better when bacon is added. Even better is a layer of breadcrumbs before topping it with grated cheese, because then once it’s baked there’s little crispy bits on top. And part of the reason I like it is because I can figure it out with Mum, decide what spices or herbs I’m putting in and what else I might put on the side. 

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