A Walk in the Park

Scene: Paul and Lia are strolling through a park one autumn day. It’s a chilly day, and the leaves are falling from trees in the strong gusts of wind. Some distance away an old woman, Ella, knits.

God, it’s cold. And the sunglasses don’t do anything to protect my eyes from the wind. Feels like a sou’wester. I wonder what that woman over there is knitting. She’s focusing quite hard. Why did we decide roaming around outside would be a good idea? Maybe Paul wants to go for a coffee – or will he just think I’m being princessy if I suggest it? No, I can handle a bit of cold weather, even if it is coming off the water and messing up my hair. Anyway, there might be a coffee cart somewhere; there was that hotdog stand last time I was here and any sensible vendor would think about providing hot drinks on a cold day.

This is nice. Invigorating, even if the cold is stinging my face. This place always looks like a photo in autumn, multi-coloured leaves on the ground. Crunchy leaves. You’re never too old to stomp a leaf to see how crunchy it is. Is Lia amused? I guess so, and she keeps scuffing her feet over the ground and kicking at them, so maybe she doesn’t think it’s childish. Hm, seems that woman is knitting a jumper. It’s very red. Why does that remind me of something? (Paul begins to tear up) 

How much more can I get done before I have to meet with James? I know he doesn’t like my sitting in the cold, but I’ve told him before, it does no harm. It’s fresh air and quiet – away from all those rowdy students that were in the cafe that time. Two rows, perhaps. I wonder why that young man is crying. It can’t be the young woman with him, because the way she’s acting seems to be consoling. That’s sweet – they look very nice together. 

Lia hugs Paul. They walk on, nearing Ella’s bench. Ella looks up from her knitting and listens to what they’re saying.

“So yes,” the lad is saying as they walk past. “The red jumper reminds me of what my tutor was wearing when we were discussing Lacan in class a few months ago.”

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