A Reunion, of Sorts

She stared at the inbox. Thirty-seven new messages, most of which were store newsletters and new sales offers.

This is what happens when you begin dreading email and stop checking.

Reluctant, she began highlighting each message, trashing each one as she went. Cosmetics; shoes; new shipment of clothes – she didn’t need these emails. In a fit of temper, she’d signed up for dozens of e-letters and notices, with the hopes that there would be enough emails to bury certain others. It’d worked too, for a while. 

Once, she’d been religious about checking email. Morning and night, emails were promptly read and dealt with as necessary. That had changed when she’d run into him again, the first time in eight years, and he’d tried to call her that night. When that hadn’t worked out, he’d emailed. Granted, he wasn’t a stalker, but they’d not parted on good terms and she wanted to leave the past where it belonged. It seemed he didn’t think the same way.

The second email had weakened her resistance and she’d read it. As she’d thought, he wanted to get back into contact and he continued to send sporadic emails, the sort that told brief anecdotes and day-to-day stories. She never wrote back, but she never deleted either.

On a whim, she clicked reply.

4 thoughts on “A Reunion, of Sorts”

  1. I’d really love to dig deeper into this relationship – who is he? Why does he want to get in contact with her again? You really do paint an intriguing picture here. 🙂


    1. He is… someone. There’s a lot of stories to tell when you know where to look. I’m about to finish my Writing 101 trilogy, so there may or may not be insights there.

      Thank you 🙂


  2. I love this! It’s nice how you’ve written so briefly but you still gave the characters and the story a lot of depth. Also, I’m a fan of open endings. ❤ Looking forward to read some more like these 🙂


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