Trilogy: Part 2

Part 2 of 3

Her heart isn’t in it. He can tell from how often she checks her phone, deals with some imagined call or text that just needs to be checked.

It’s times like this that he resents her and as he watches her type he grinds his teeth. They’re supposed to be collecting their camping supplies – food made especially for camping – and she isn’t paying attention. In one small part of his mind he wonders if he’s built this up to too much, but he discards the thought before it can go too far.

These past few days he’s felt that she’s been putting things off – the camping trip, him, and he’s not sure why. He’s never quite sure when it comes to her.

“Who are you texting?” and he tries to keep his voice light and relaxed but it doesn’t quite work. He hears the tension in his own voice and she’s perceptive, surely she can hear it too.

An eyebrow quirks and maybe she’s amused.

“No-one. Just reminders for myself. Why, are you jealous?” She loops an arm through his elbow and pulls him over to another display, and he doesn’t know whether he should be grateful or offended that she didn’t wait for an answer.

She’s buoyant all of a sudden and flits around, snatching things from shelves, reading labels and discarding the parcels, humming to herself. This is the wildest he’s ever seen her, usually so controlled and steady, and it’s kind of fun. Contagious, too, as he feels her good mood start to creep up on him.

“We’re good, I think.” She produces a grid from apparently nowhere and glances it over briefly before she shoves it back into her bag and marches to the checkout.

“I haven’t seen you like this in… ever, really.” I kind of like it. “Did something happen?”

She expertly packs their items into the car and shrugs, evidently trying to close off the conversation.

“What, I can’t just be in a good mood?” and even as she says it he isn’t convinced. Her eyes are just a bit too narrow, her lips pursed just a bit too much for him to be able to completely believe her.

The drive back to her apartment is unusually quiet and she flicks on the radio, a first for her. He doesn’t like it.

They’ve known each other twelve years and he’d like to say he knows her better than anyone, that she knows him better than anyone. Right now though, with her sitting a handspan away from him, he feels that he doesn’t know her at all.

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