The Cafe

I don’t have a specific favourite piece of art so I’m going to name one I really like: Cafe Terrace at Night, by van Gogh.

And now it’s come to life, which means there are people walking through the alleyways and streets at nighttime. It’s dark and the sky is full of stars, and the moon adds illumination to the street lamps. From the cafe, comes the aroma of hot bread and sounds of dinner. People are talking and clinking cutlery, and there’s little candles lighting up the gloom inside the cafe.

Random windows glow with light, standing out in the darkness of the sky, and there’s a ghostly white curtain drawn across one set of windows.

Eventually dinner winds down and the cafe staff begin gently ushering people out, clearing plates and wiping tables. Candles are extinguished one at a time, slowly dipping the cafe into darkness, and leaving tendrils of smoke wisping through the air from an overly-long wick. Silence falls and the cafe closes for the night, dinner replaced with clean-up and tables waiting for their next batch of people.

Tomorrow, they’ll do it all over again.

10 thoughts on “The Cafe”

      1. do you know whether his piece was a painting of an actual place?
        if so i wonder if he too looked at it like you have desrcbed and whther it would have been the same in real life.


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