History’s Teachings

Oh jeez. Are we really going there, now? It’s technically a Friday night and I have to pick a teacher from history? Anyone who ever lived?

I’m going to do the classic cop-out here, so please forgive me. 

I don’t choose one. It’s very difficult to pick just one person out of several hundred years of history. I read this prompt and thought of people, starting with Socrates and ending with Oscar Wilde. I suspect this is because of my English major. I have studied and read various literature from about the last millennium, and I apologize if that sounds pretentious and poncy.

Think of all you could learn! Chaucer and his mates, travelling and telling stories to pass the time. I bet he’d have something to say about my narratives. Shakespeare could teach me iambic pentameter and perhaps how to rhyme a poem, though I’ve never had the burning need for my poems to rhyme. Michelangelo and Raphael could be art mentors/critics. Galileo and Newton could teach me physics and Copernicus could explain astronomy. Darwin and Lamarck could tell me about evolution and genetics, and the Louis Leakey could tell tales of his archaeology work. Nietzsche and I could chat about morals, and Freud could give me an in-depth view of his thought processes. 

It would be the School of New Zealand and I would never leave.


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