Three Significant Songs

So it took me a little while to come up with just three songs. I’m pretty careful about music; I like bands that don’t top the music charts on a weekly basis. I can’t stand inanely repetitive choruses and upbeat pop. Pop’s OK, but in small doses. Very small doses, like salt added to a basket of French fries. Here’s my shortlist, in no particular order.

1. Wanted You Moreby Lady Antebellum. It’s the kind of song I appreciate because I like a lot of angst – pardon me, non-happy endings – and it’s the type of thing I like to write. While I don’t mind a happy ending, I don’t like it in every novel. It’s one of the things I’m thinking of doing when I write a novel for publishing – a sudden twist to a sad ending. This is the kind of song that’s about broken promises and broken hearts and finally moving on from the person it’s about, and I like it because I think everyone can relate to it.

2. Real, by The Controversy. A snippet of an interview I’ve read tells me that it’s about temptations and fears; to my ear, it’s learning to let go when you’re in a relationship and not quite sure what’s going on. Kind of trusting instincts; trusting others. It’s a song that I appreciate because I think it’s an honest view that you don’t always get in the pop genre – where pop might be about marriage proposals and flowers, this is (in my mind) about accepting that you’ve got someone else, and they can help you leave your fear behind.

3. Shed My Skin, by Emily Danger. For me it’s a song about defiance, of a sort. It opens with a list of changes that could be made to the person; changing things until you’re essentially unrecognizable. I know I’ve fought against others trying to change me, in one way or another, wanting to make me into someone I’m not. Perceptions; self identity. It’s a conformist/non-conformist kind of story; like the guy who works in oil and justifies it as for the sake of wages, and maybe people react negatively to that because he is taking the easy route to earn money and hates his job instead of doing the hard yards for something he loves. That’s how I’ve always thought of it.

2 thoughts on “Three Significant Songs”

  1. Music is a very personal thing. I have to admit, I’ve never heard of any of your choices. I’m more of a classical, orchestral type of gal. Even as a teen I never went for The Beetles or any of the other usual teen followings.


    1. Yeah, it is. My latter two choices are not well known – they’re wonderful songs that don’t top every music chart ever. Lady Antebellum is quite well known, but they’ve been in the music scene for about seven years, I think.

      I too grew up preferring the Beatles, Eagles… Shunned most of the stuff my classmates listened to 🙂


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