The Snug

A mystery room! Hang on a minute… It’s the Tryamour of rooms!

Oh I feel better with that out of my system. 

Alright, so once I’ve carefully inspected it (it’s a magical addition; I would be remiss to go charging in all excitedly) I add a fireplace. This is a permanent addition, and so I can call it the snug. A cozy little room in winter. 

I will use it as a study/office/relaxing room. I presume I can take things in and out at will, and so I can use this room as my quiet place with a pen and pad of paper to do my job application scribbles and drafts. Just to be on the safe side, the door will be removed so that I can throw used things immediately out of the room, lest the room get confused and think I am adding things. I will spend my time there reading, one paperback at a time (I have an inherent, ancient preference for paperbacks) and using the room as my possessions-free sanctuary.

Here, there is no beeping or musical technology. There are no books to clutter up the place, and nary a stick of furniture. Sitting on the floor never did me any harm. So yes, it really will be my breathing space.


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