Sarah, Patron Saint Of…

I’ve admitted more than once, I’m a bibliophile. I’m also someone who likes learning. And questions. I question things when I can; when my mind isn’t too cluttered. I ask for bookstore gift cards so I can pick out what I like; and if that doesn’t work my mum will lovingly find out the exact copy of a book I want and give it to me.

“Why do we sleep during the night? How did this social norm come about?” – me, verbatim, to my mum.

I later took to Google.

I’ve taken a bit longer with my degree to find subjects I really like and classes I really wanted to study even if it meant a light course load that semester. The girl at the student center told me I could pick any subjects I liked to finish my degree, and so once I finished the mental fireworks that erupted, began perusing the site, made lists and debated pros and cons of various topics.

And with all this in mind, I choose to be the Patron Saint Of… (and I know it isn’t an object, place or activity)


I would like to be the Saint for people who tirelessly roam city streets, finding libraries and museums and galleries. The one people look to for divine inspiration when researching; the one who inspires a wish for deeper knowledge, and piles of books.

Knowledge makes the world go round, after all.

16 thoughts on “Sarah, Patron Saint Of…”

  1. I agree with bkpyett. There is so much in our world that sparks the curiosity of those with active minds. As a fellow bibliophile, I think I will enjoy following your blog:)


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