The Hybrid

Alright. Deep breaths. I will not flee, screaming like a crazy person.

Sorry about that. I’m calm, really. Calm, coherent and in control. You see, we’ve just covered a film in my English class, which deals with hybrid-creation stuff. It was very sci-fi and basically modernised Frankenstein, if you will. Lots of genetics and weirdness. “What happens when you create a Monster?” sort of deal.

So, okay, I’m one-third human. I’m not sure why one-third, but I can deal. I would also like to be one-third vampire, for the immortality. Or at least the vastly prolonged mortal life. Hey, there’s a lot to learn, and some days I think the regular human lifespan isn’t enough. Books to read, subjects to discover, languages to master. And lastly, one-third angel. I’ve just decided that hybrids is sci-fi enough so I’m going for broke here.

The angel would be the good counter to the vampire: the protector to the predator. Being human counters the immortality of the other two: mortal vs immortal, weak vs powerful. The human and angel sides would hopefully allow me to walk in sunlight, and allow me to have a diet that does not consist only of blood. Angels can fly, and I’d like that. It’d save a fortune on travel.

Each part would be equally flawed, due to the need for blood, the mortality and the potential limits on an angel. Also, I’d like to be able to stay in human form the majority of the time, shifting between forms as I need. This would allow me to have a generally human life, and stay undetected as something other than human.

Er… I think that’s about it. This prompt may give me nightmares of non-human Creatures.


21 thoughts on “The Hybrid”

  1. That was a pretty awesome take on the prompt! Vampires can fly too! You could travel and dine! I don’t know how I’d take the immortality while my children were completely mortal though, I think I’d drive a stake through my own heart. However I would love living up until that point. Then there’s the husband….ugh, I’ll stick with creepy octo-plant mom! Very nice prompt!!!


    1. Thank you! True, they can. I’d forgotten – I was going by the vampire lore of The Vampire Diaries and I don’t think they’ve ever been seen in flight. That is an issue, though I suppose it’d be an option to make your loved ones immortal or stay as a mortal human somehow.
      Oh, now I’m intrigued. Octo-plant… *runs off to read*


      1. I’d have to wait on children, because if you turn a child immortal they are stuck at that age, and I couldn’t bear a 3 year old or a 1 year old immortal forever. I love my youngins dearly, but I need them a bit older…not too much older though. As for hubby, I know he’d be all over it. Or I could just stay on the human side and not bite people. I think my family would appreciate that option a little more.


      2. Ooh, absolutely. Immortality restricted to adults and very late adolescents only. Minimum of 17 years old, seems to be the thing in popular culture. Vampire Mama definitely sounds like a worry.


      3. 3 year old vampires chasing after kitties. I “I just wanna cuddle!” Oh my goodness no thanks! I think I’m good with kids who crave macaroni and cheese and fish sticks.


      4. Equally worrying! Or, to the petulant 13-year-old immortal: “No, you may not bite that girl at school because you don’t like her.” Maybe it’s a good thing humans can’t be immortal.


  2. That was very creative thinking. Your combination is certainly an interesting one, but I like how they each counter each other. I think the angel part is the best, simply because of the travel savings.


    1. Thank you. I was thinking along the lines of good twin/bad twin/other twin. Triplets, now I think of it.
      Haha, yes. Never take a plane again! And protect humanity from evil. Has a certain appeal.


  3. I am curious. What is this fixation these last years with vampires? Is vampire some sort of modern metaphor? I guess it is a young woman fad and perhaps I’m too old to understand, but I’m usually willing to try to look at things from a new perspective.


    1. Hmm… I think a lot is to do with how vampires have been romanticised in recent years. For instance, Twilight depicts a ‘love story’ where the girl gets her happily eternally after with a vampire. The Vampire Diaries shows a group of young adults trying to live a regular life while surrounded by vampires.

      I also think it helps the fixation that there’s often a bad vampire who over time becomes redeemed, worthy of love or friendship. This pattern’s present in TVD, where the vampire begins evil and monstrous and falls for a girl. Certainly the happily-eternally-after and the redemption arc appeal to young audiences.

      I’d also suggest that the character in general of vampires is appealing. They’re mysterious with different lore per canon, and maybe there’s an element of what they represent in humans that is appealing.


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