The Honest Finder

Well, this prompt is a bit tricky. The execution, I mean. There’s beaches where I live, certainly. I just don’t go there often. In winter it’s too cold – mind you a southerly can be balanced with hot fish and chips – and in summer it’s intensely sunny.

Anyway. Pretend I’m on one of those beaches. The envelope of cash is not mine to take; nor is the jewellery. Yes, I really want money, but I can work for it. That money might’ve been meant as a present. Do people give cash as gifts? And now I think of it, I have a vague recollection of my parents stopping by the nearest police station one beach day to drop off some shiny item. 

There’s really no circumstances under which I’d keep it. For all I know the ring is an antique engagement ring, been in the family for generations. Maybe the necklace has been handed down mother-to-daughter, a line of a half-dozen owners. Maybe the bracelet is a bought-it-for-myself gift, celebrating the first paycheck at work or some wonderful payoff after lots of hard work. I like to make up stories like this; it wouldn’t feel right to keep someone else’s jewellery or cash for myself.

Not to mention, how would I feel if I lost something and never got it back because someone didn’t bother to hand it in?

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