A Name For Myself

Well, this is tricky. I don’t have a nickname and I can’t see my name becoming an adjective . Let’s go with my blog name then. tuckedintoacorner.

It’s a bit of a mouthful, especially with a suffix to make it mean something other than the blog where I write a lot. tuckedintoacornered? Okay, that sounds good, I think, especially when you considered that ‘cornered’ is a word. 

So what does it mean to be tuckedintoacornered? Going by the reason I gave my blog this name, it means holing up and reading and/or writing. When I came up with the name, I envisioned a corner I used to take at my high school library. On sunny days I’d sit there, curled up on the floor, in a patch of sunlight, and read. By giving my blog the name I did, I imagine sitting in a corner, curled against the wall and it’s sunny. Maybe there’s cushions, tall fluffy ones. Maybe the person in the corner is drinking cold lemonade or hot tea, depending on the weather.

A reading corner, basically.

13 thoughts on “A Name For Myself”

      1. I used to be a Mocha girl…then I discovered Green Tea Lattes. I do alternate occasionally. It’s all good.


  1. When I think of a corner it’s a scene in “Sense and Sensibility” where Elinor is sitting as her desk writing letters watching her sister and her “famous Mr. F” playing swords.


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