My Daily Commute

Four days a week, I hop on a bus to university. I live roughly 45 minutes away, and commuting is so fun.

If I’m super-lucky I’ll get the Express bus which allegedly takes a shorter journey. Granted there are less stops and the motorway’s really pretty, but generally it takes about the same timespan as the regular bus.

And I mustn’t forget the delight of the audio. Sometimes the driver plays music very loud, and so I have to mask it with my own source of music, as loud as I dare. (After all, I don’t want to get yelled at for having music too loud) First world problems, I tells ya. This is not to mention the chatty giggly girls who pile into the four-seaters and annoy the eardrum of innocent passengers like myself. It’s lovely that they’re so happy, it really is. Warms my soul.

Oh… I’ve not yet covered how awesome it is to fight my way off a packed bus. That is awesome – even more fun than being crammed onto a tiny seat – especially when there’s a line of people packed into the aisle and overflowing into the little area by the door. Use those elbows, is my best advice.

But you want to know the real highlight of busing? Paying fares. Every week I sit down, and log in. Then, I get to pay money onto my bus pass. That is some awesome happenings right there.

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