It’s An Investment… I Think

So my local electronics store has started selling magic gadgets. Pick one, implores the sales assistant.

I’m eliminating an invisibility helmet and an anywhere door, by virtue of the fact that they won’t get me what I want. Thus, the time machine remains.

You see, I want/need/love books. I wrote about it the other day; how I’m a broke bibliophile who can’t afford things. I literally spent ten minutes noodling around, deciding I didn’t need this one and how about that one and $15 for two books is damned good… but I have to save and I’ve applied for a job and the books aren’t going anywhere.

Hey, they’ve been around for over a hundred years already. 

Anyway. A time machine. It will take me back to every day in my life where I spent money that didn’t go on a book. That sushi lunch? Take food from home and use the money to buy a book. Then, I would have vastly more books. I don’t believe you can have too many. Ever. If there’s space on your bookshelf, you fill it, is my motto.

So yes. The time machine will help me stop buying lunches and various bits and pieces, and help me buy books.


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