They’re Just Numbers… Aren’t They?

So today I had a letter from the elves at Inland Revenue.

I suspected that they were going to ask for money, the better to start chipping away at my loan. Of course, they didn’t. As I said to my parents, the actual objective was to terrify me into next week remind me what I owe.

And oh my goodness… The numbers. It was positively menacing, and the semester isn’t over yet. Please insert obligatory mountain/iceberg imagery here. 

Thus, my mind is boggled enough that I can’t muster up a properly lively/interesting/creative post. That, and the issue I had with pingback-ing my response to the Daily Prompt. I got so fed up of the pings not going back that eventually I deleted the post. Will try tomorrow’s Prompt.

I’m going to go and start looking at creating an Etsy store and perhaps scribble out a poem or two, if I’m so inclined.

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