The Daily News

I don’t have a lot of rituals. This is because Monday through to Friday, I have classes at different times. Friday is a full day, Tuesday is a snippet of the afternoon and Monday is blank. I don’t consistently listen to music from one source. Some days it’s my mobile, some days it’s the radio, and some days it’s the computer. Some days I get to university with hours to spare. Some days, I don’t.

And I have to say, I appreciate the inconsistency. I like to be challenged, and have been known to get bored easily. Sameness is not for me.

I do, however, have one habit that remains the same. Each morning, when I get up (no matter what time it is), I reach for the news websites and check out what’s gone on in the world overnight. It’s a habit I cultivated some months ago, and I’ve come to like being informed.

written in response to the Daily Prompt.

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