A Tale of Two Cities

This is something I daydream about, frequently. I have an obsession with New York, probably because of the museums.

That’s the surface. Bearing in mind I’ve never been to New York, I’d like to go there and spend my time investigating. By this, I mean I’d like to just ditch the guidebooks and travel sites and whatnot, and just wear out sneakers wandering the streets. I’ve read of how people find tiny cafes or bookstores or Insert Your Choice of Store Here, when they’re not looking.

This one time I was wandering through town and stumbled across a bookstore. It was a real bookstore too, the kind that’s wall-to-wall books. No stationery shelves or DVDs, just books.

That’s the sort of thing I’d like in New York.

My other city… Did you guess London? If so, you’re right.

Fairly easy access to Europe – I’m the kind who Googles random European places and stuff, gazing wistfully and then promising myself I’ll go one day. London: history and literature and art. All of these are things I’m especially keen on, being that I’m as scientifically-minded as the dolphin figurine on my bookcase. I’d probably spend half my weekends taking trains to other places, just because I could and there’s a lot to see.

Two weeks per city per month should do it, I think. 


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