The Neglectful Blogger

That’s me.

I blog, but sporadically. Very sporadically. And for this I am sorry. I feel like I have entered A Contract wherein I have an unspoken promise to entertain you, my reader. This Contract is going unfulfilled.

Part of it is university, finishing my degree. The other part is forgetfulness. The other day I was saying something, cut myself off mid-sentence and then forgot what I’d been saying three minutes later.

I recall promising creative writing. I also recall swearing at least three different times that I would blog daily, but it’s been about a month. 

From now on there will be a mix of creative writing and musings on daily events. Until I’m finished studies, I don’t know how much brain space I can dedicate to creativity. Even then, I’ll try to make it a fairly even divide.

Still alive. Until later.

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