The Wanderer

I’m actually not a traveller, so I’m answering this based on my personality.

I could never be someone who roams aimlessly. I’d like to be, but I need maps. I need checklists with headings and subheadings, and I need itineraries. 

Pretend you dropped me off in France. I would go to the first wi-fi area I could find and Google France. I would Google landmarks to visit and list places that sounded interesting. I would buy a little dictionary and try to teach myself a few basic phrases – you know, ordering coffee, booking a hostel, and so on. Odds are, while I’m making the list, I am paying Strict Attention to alphabetical order. This is a real thing I do. In fact, I would probably leave France for England, just to really kickstart the spirit of alphabetical order. 

After this I would hole up in a hostel, once I’d extensively Googled it for reviews, ratings and such. In said hostel I would make lists and study maps and plot spending money. This demonstrates to you how finicky I can be about details.

this post comes to you from a Lacanian-melted brain.

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