I Believe…

I believe a lot of things. I’m not always vocal about them, but I do still believe them.

I do believe:

-I can do almost anything I set my mind to.
Ambition, therefore, is my favourite trait, because without it I wouldn’t push myself to do more or step out of my comfort zone.

-No matter how often I forget, I will still remember to resume blogging.
Even when life or university get in the way.

-Life is what you make it.
See ambition. I can’t abide when someone declares they want X, Y or Z from their life and never try to pursue it; then complain about being dissatisfied.

I do not believe:

-Vegetables are good for you. 
I hate vegetables. It’s a legendary thing at home: some people adapt to them with age but that has yet to happen.

-In assumption/presumption
OK, what I mean is I don’t believe in assuming things about a person. Yesterday I was told “you will love The Tomorrow People.” I think that’s what it’s called. This makes me very angry, because I do not tell a person what they will love, and so I expect to be treated the same. Still, I do a lot of assuming in essays.

-In documenting every inch of my life.
On Facebook I’m the type who has maybe two photos, and neither of them is me. I tweet nonsense and use Twitter for music. I find a lot of bands on there. Still, I can count on two hands how many photos I’ve taken in years gone by and if I checked my profile on Facebook the statuses would be quite sporadic.


5 thoughts on “I Believe…”

    1. Absolutely. I don’t mind sharing major things – it’s when I start seeing people ‘checking in’ at a restaurant and posting photos of their dinner that I get annoyed.

      Thank you 🙂


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