Clean Language Only Please


It’s one vice I don’t like. I’ve been trying to break the habit for years, and I have succeeded quite a bit.

On a day-to-day basis I swear much less than I used to, but when I’m around someone who does swear unreservedly I slip back into old habits. I’m not adverse to the odd four-letters when I bang my knee on the desk or fall down a step and injure my leg five ways to Sunday, but that seems like an emergency sort of situation. Some people have emergency credit cards for when they’re out of funds; there’s emergency language when something bad happens.

Smoking is the second one I dislike. Especially at uni, where there are signs saying Smokefree and yet there’s people huddled on the corner polluting the air. I get it, you want to smoke, but do it elsewhere. I actually feel a little sick at the smell of smoke – there, no smoking for me, ever – and so if you’re around me smoking and I have the energy, you can expect a glare from me.

5 thoughts on “Clean Language Only Please”

  1. How I stopped swearing was, I asked myself why I felt the need to swear in the first place. Often it comes from a place of helplessness, and I figured that I would be better off using my words and actions to actually change things instead of just blowing off steam with some noise pollution.


    1. I believe my reason was similar – a sort of placebo, rather than thinking through what I wanted to say. Kind of a way to place emphasis on something, on occasion, but also often unnecessary. I came to dislike the words in conversation, so decided to stop.

      Good on you for deciding to do things for reasons, too, rather than noise pollution 🙂


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