Silence of the Night

I’m not sleeping tonight.

The air is humid, a heavy
reminder of the summer upon us.
The fan on the desk makes noise
but produces little cooling effects.

2am, the numbers glow.
No-one else is awake and it’s
just a tad lonely.
Music will help.

The dark room rejects music though.
Even on the lowest setting it’s loud and
The music doesn’t help.

Almost inaudibly the computer hums.
Right now the room feels very small,
and for a moment I strain my eyes to see.
It’s too dark.

I’m aware, my nerves calm and steady.
Listening closely, carefully enough, I swear
I can hear my heartbeat.
No other sound is within these four walls.

The cars on the road are quiet too.
They pass by, sporadic, and I
make up tales about the 2am drivers.
This is silent amusement.

It’s timeless and I could be anyone.
A siren passes, rents the air and
the spell is broken.
Moments later the quiet is restored.

written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge:

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