I Did It My Way

I’m going to tie this in with one of my previous posts. Yesterday I described my love of writing and how I hope to make a career out of it.

Working with that, I’d like that to be my legacy. I’d like to be a prolific writer who takes time away from crappy reality TV and trashy novels, not someone who skates through on the back of a sparkly-vampire empire. I would prefer to write and release one or two good novels that stand alone, than a series which appeals to the masses because it’s an easy pill to take.

Maybe when I get older I’ll go into teaching and reveal a world of books and literature to a wide-eyed undergrad who has no idea about how interesting the topic can be. During my English studies I’ve learned a liking of Chaucer and a fascination of Victorian literature – that sounds like something I’d want to do in forty years. Whatever I do, I’d like to show that good/old literature doesn’t have to be stodgy and boring and if it takes away from some of the less-good stuff floating around, that’s just a happy bonus.


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