Of Beginnings

When I first began posting to a blog, there wasn’t exactly a specific post I planned to write. 

My first post was an introduction, which I covered in earlier posts. Before I thought about blogging, I had my writing tucked away for no-one to see. It was quite Dickinson of me, I think – Emily Dickinson apparently wrote all her poems and hid them away, and they were published posthumously.

I decided that sounded rather sad. I didn’t want my scribblings to fade away in desk drawers, only to be published seventy years from now.

(Sorry for the name-dropping)

My friend-person suggested, rather emphatically, that I begin posting for people to read. After some time, I did, and the response wasn’t bad. Another friend-shape encouraged me and listened patiently to every report I had, every time I reported a like or follow – I soon stopped that though. 

The nerves raced through my system with my first posts. I hunched over the computer, editing here and there. I hovered over Publish for a minute, then clicked. Nothing exploded, the world didn’t end, and everything was OK. That day, I learned that trying something new can be fun. It still is.

I went to bed that night still giddy with the thought that I’d done something a little unusual for me – I do not do well with being in the public eye, in any way, and wondered about the topic of my next post.

I don’t think I’ll do this again – starting a new blog – so now I have to look around for my next unusual-for-me activity.


13 thoughts on “Of Beginnings”

    1. A friend-shape is sort of a friend. They’re the type of friend you might keep at a distance, for whatever reason.

      The friend-person is more of a friend than the friend-shape. The friend-person friendship is less distant.


    1. A new one. I plan to blog until the words run out or I lose all interest, whichever comes first.

      Mind you, I won’t rule it out. There might come a day when I need a second blog, and have considered it.


      1. Funny you should mention that right now, because that was exactly what I was sitting here, thinking!

        Of course, your Facebook-stream gets what your friend-shapes and friend-persons make of it … but sometimes it’s astonishing to see what FB has made out of grown-up people LOL


      2. Mm… I mind-read sometimes. Sorry about that 🙂

        Sometimes I would find myself looking at the status box and trying to cleverly word something. Then I’d get depressed and think, I could be using this brainpower for good. I’m pretty grown-up, but I think it’s too alluring to have likes coming in and proving something, and some of the stuff on there proves it.


      3. Heh!
        For a while, I had my blog set to “Publish to Facebook”, but I quickly took that down. Got all kinds of Likes, but they never read more than the excerpt, in the best of cases.

        So yes … the brainpower could definitely be spent on something better … i.e. the blog 🙂


      4. My sentiments exactly. I linked daily for maybe a fortnight, realized it was getting very few proper views, and quit. I sometimes tweet links, but that’s it.

        Nowadays I like to put myself out there by communicating with other bloggers – commenting and such.


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