Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

I don’t believe I’d require a lot of magic. Sure, being powerful would be fun, but even magic has its limits.

I imagine I’d use it primarily for cleaning and housework (Oh the possibilities – tidying an area with a glance) or finding and tracking things. You know how you spend ages looking for something and then find it in the first place you looked? I just spent maybe an hour looking for my debit card so I could make an online payment. First place I looked was my wallet… Last place I looked was my wallet, and I just hadn’t noticed it buried beneath a sushi rewards card and some old receipts.

That, I believe, is called Murphy’s Law, and Murphy hates the general populace. Therefore, I’d primarily use my powers to never have an eye-rolling, embarrassed laugh of “Oh, Murphy’s Law” moment again. With magic I could just retrace my steps so perfectly that I would find it, and in less than a minute. I was going to say a summoning charm or something, but that’s just borrowing from Harry Potter.

I would also make it so that the tool people use on Facebook to invite their friends to ‘like’ pages would be obsolete. It’s annoying being invited to ‘like’ something – I have told the culprit of this annoyance more than once, if I want to ‘like’ something I’m more than capable, certainly intelligent enough to figure it out for myself.

Then I’d make it so no-one else had to put up with Murphy or the invites, making the world much more efficient.

10 thoughts on “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble”

  1. If there isn’t already any detergent/soap called Magic, maybe there should be … Murphy’s Magic perhaps ?! 🙂

    I admit *hanging head in shame*, that I recently invited my people to ‘Like’ the Facebook page I made up for my blog … ohhh!

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    1. Would Murphy’s Magic clean or ruin your laundry? Given his nature, I suspect it would be temperamental.

      How do you find having a FB page for the blog? My friend-person says it’s useless, but I have my doubts.


      1. LOL yeah … that’s the question! Maybe the magic would take over, so you could wash everything together..

        After a couple of weeks, I’m inclined to say your friend-person is right. Guess it all depends on the people-mass you have there.. It was just fun to set it up… and you could [possibly] get your blog name as a URL. I didn’t so people must think I can’t spell [colderwheather]


      2. Oh cripes!! Don’t say that! I just created my FB page for my blog too but haven’t yet plucked up the courage to go around begging people to ‘like’ it… To do or not to do…That is now the question!!


      3. I personally think… let it go organically. I made the FB page, and I was diligent, but it got nowhere because I don’t really like it all that much – FB, that is, and I don’t think I’ve been logged in for close to a year. I don’t even remember my password.

        My advice, pick your favourite social media (for me it’s Twitter) and use that to play on your strengths.


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