Shed My Skin?

I’ve never been a fan of those resolutions that go “New year, new me!”

Once upon a time I read a story – fanfic- where the protagonist thought that a birthday was going to be the magical thing that catapulted her into being someone different. On the day of the birthday she awoke and looked in the mirror, piled on makeup and went to school. People still didn’t notice her; they laughed at how strange she looked with poorly-done makeup; her few friends pitied her.

Bottom line, she was still the same girl, but with a face full of makeup.

Were I to choose between being someone else or myself… It’s an easy decision. I can’t be someone from history, like Shakespeare. Choosing to be someone else – does that mean I’d have to work on melding Me with Other Me? It sounds very complicated. Therefore, I’d remain myself, but improved. I’d like to be someone who stays true to myself, someone who people can’t accuse of “selling out” for any reason.

Also, not to namedrop here, but:

“be yourself. everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde.

the title of this post comes from an amazing song called Shed My Skin by Emily Danger Band. i do highly recommend it, along with the rest of the EP.


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