$1b? Really?

Hang on, I need a quick Google-search.

Oh God. Never mind, a billion is still a lot.

Right. So, first things first: pay off all my student loans and skim a lump sum for the rest of my undergrad days. Done and dusted.

Next step: the generic stuff. House, cars, shiny presents for my parents. I don’t really have friends, so that’s not a problem.

After that, I travel. Maybe get a place in New York or somewhere awesome-sounding. Spend a few years drifting nomadically around Europe, skimming off cash as I need it. Hire people to do my cleaning and housework and all that, because life is short.

Money to charities, obviously.

I’ve also imagined being fabulously wealthy and therefore being a Patron of Arts: giving money to starving artists and writers, funding music tours for fledgling bands with real talent.

Scholarships, perhaps. Encourage people to study English, because the other day I wondered how many people I shared school with are just doing degrees in practical stuff, whatever that might be. I myself am doing the English degree.

Be a socialite/philanthropist. Or just the philanthropist, since I’m not really a social sort of being. 

Also, I probably wouldn’t work. I’d float around and do what I liked, ensuring that if I was going to spend the money, I’d be sure to do so on worthwhile things. Culture, travel and all that. I could be a well-fed artist.

Now, to find my Lotto ticket…


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