Hey, Grinchy

Well… Some time ago I posted a poem called Tedium, in which I complained about the tedium of trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t try to communicate. This is my least liked quality in others: I put in an effort, and expect others to do the same. I remember last semester when I was in five papers and trying to communicate with acquaintances. 

I’d carve out a few minutes from course reading and try to be engaging and interesting, only to get the same responses every damned time. “OK.”



Invariably I’d end up just not writing back, because what was the point? 

So, in others, I can’t stand a lack of interest. 

In myself, I don’t like my shyness. In fact, I daresay I’m an introvert. It makes it hard to make friends, as I tend to shy away from virtually anyone. It can be annoying.


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