I Hereby Decree…

So today is the day of me. Wonderful.

The date is June 1, because that comes shortly before my birthday. By the time it is my birthday the revelry will be over and I can have a peaceful slurky birthday.

Special events: there will be seminars and parties in dedication of appreciating leprechauns and penguins. I have a firm belief that the adorable quotient of penguins is so high that I could let them rule in my government. They’ll represent the animal faction. The leprechauns will represent the mythical creatures faction.

For decorations there will be fish and snowflakes in honour of the penguins, who have been recorded as preferring imagery of their natural habitat for decoration. Leprechauns will prefer silver decorations to contrast with their green clothes. They don’t mind if it’s Slytherin colours. To combine them, we will decorate with silver fish and silver snowflakes. 

These decorations will come in a variety of items. There will be car flags and bumper stickers, window decals and stick-on tattoos. They will also be the logo on a LepreGuin range of stationery, sold between May 15 and June 15. They are not limited per se, but the range is only sold between those dates.

Foods will be rich in fish: sushi, fish pie… If you can make it with fish, it’s done. Except for cupcakes, because that’s not a cupcake. Drinks will be beer (for the leprechauns) and Diet Coke, and there will be an ever-changing recipe booklet circulated. It will differ from year to year, and you are more than welcome to use your imagination. Literally no two recipes will be the same.

These are the ramblings of someone who is in pain. Hence, the lack of inclination for true description. 


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