Not Inventing Today. Sorry.

This is my 200th post. It almost didn’t happen.

I’m not, by nature, an inventive person. Sure I can create things from beads and wire (though an infinity symbol is proving tricky) but reversing pollution is a bit too scientific for me.

Instead, I’ll be a promoter of a cosmetics company. Lush Cosmetics does things like bars of shampoo and conditioner. Currently I have a pot of moisturizer, and on the label is a sticker that says NOT VIRGIN. By this, they say that the jar is made from recycled plastic. Likewise, their idea of toothpaste is a little tab thing that you break up and mix with water, sort of, to create the cleaning paste. Said tab comes in a little cardboard box smaller than a matchbox. And yeah, there’s only 40 in the pack, but I find halving them works just as well. Toothpaste, on the other hand, comes in a plastic tube in a cardboard box. Plus, Lush uses natural ingredients.

The idea is that people use these vegan/vegetarian friendly products, not tested on animals, and not have to deal with lots of packaging. Less packaging: look at the ‘Toothy Tabs’ I mentioned above. Even their bubble bath comes in a bar thing, which is much nicer than the bottle I currently have.

Less packaging, less landfills.

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