That Fictional Person

The precious person I would like to have in my life is the one who makes me want to be better. For the sake of ease, let’s call this person Penguin.

Penguin is the counter to me: confident where I’m shy; honest when I’m deceitful; encouraging when I’m doubtful. Penguin knows by the look on my face when I’m worrying about something, even when I think I’m perfectly straight-faced. Penguin is able to own up to mistakes and apologize for them when other horrible people don’t apologize (I can’t abide a person who does selfish things and then can’t apologize even when it hurts someone) and can recognize flaws in the self.

Penguin is the one I’d like to call when I need help or want to see a play at the theater or watch Christmas fireworks.

Aaaand this is where I stop before I begin getting confused with my fictional characters.


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