Oh Dear. It’s Noise.

Granted, this isn’t a noise that refuses to go away, but it still brings out the eye-twitch and tension.

It’s the beeping of kitchen appliances. The microwave and fridge are especially guilty of this. If left open too long, the fridge will beep. If deprived of attention it will keep on beeping, until it gets what it wants. More than once I have bolted to the kitchen just to shut an open fridge to stop the beeps.

What can I say. My hearing is excellent.

The second noise is car alarms or repeated bell-sounds, like fire alarms. They make me begin to panic a bit, feeling trapped inside my head. It’s no fun.

And third is the vacuum cleaner. It drowns out music and muffles my thoughts. I don’t like the noise it produces. Even if it goes for just a few minutes, I’m certain to shut my door and turn up the music just to avoid it.


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