Oh, Superpowers. Excellent.

Process of elimination from today’s prompt sees me picking out my superpower.

I wouldn’t want to travel through time, because that can get quite complicated and knowing me, I’d be a bit too worried about doing something that would mess up the timeline. I could stop Picasso from painting or the Brontes from writing (the horror). I could do anything, within reason. No, they say absolute power corrupts absolutely. So that’s out.

I wouldn’t want to make any two people agree instantly with each other. What if it was a debate that had the promise to be interesting, or change something major in a field of study, and then I swooped in and Person said to Other Person, “No, you’re right. I agree.” That would ruin all debates. It could spell the end of breakthroughs. Of course, it would be handy to resolve arguments that get annoying.

That leaves me with the ability to speak and understand any language, though I’m a bit iffy on if I can read and write it too. Can I? Because if I can, then sign me up. This way, I can travel anywhere I like and be able to communicate with the locals. That’s not to say I want auto-fluency in every language – there has to be some level of challenge. Also, by being familiar with a language I could presumably translate my own writings and ramblings, thereby saving me money to be used on travels.

That is all. Thank you.


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