It’s Not a Ghost That Haunts Me

“I killed a guy.”

Her voice is so quiet that even with my excellent hearing, I can barely hear her, and I’m sitting directly across from her. The cafe fills up with people, looking like some high school group. They pile into one of the bigger booths far away and her eyes flick to them, paranoid that someone will hear her. I’d known something was upsetting her, and now I understand: she had possibly the biggest regard for human life of any of us, always tries to protect them. Her mother was a surgeon and her father was a lawyer – she was taught, like I was, that we ought to use our talents to protect humans as much as possible. I’ve yet to kill anyone, but I can understand how distressing it must be: my own parents were doctors who worked for little to no charge, insisting that people in lower socioeconomic areas needed the option of inexpensive care. Looking around, I noticed that no-one was looking at us in alarm or concern. No-one had heard, then.

My character here is based off the narrator of my NaNoWriMo for this year. When I began writing, I intended all characters to be human; however, this took shape of its own. She is currently unnamed, being that it’s told in the first-person perspective. She is an immortal creature, not necessarily a vampire but exhibiting some vampiric traits. As with generations of her family before her, she transformed from human to immortal at seventeen and is now technically twenty-five.

Her looks aren’t set in stone, owing to the fact that she changes her appearance frequently to avoid questions about her age. Currently, her eyes are gray and her hair is inky-black with purple ends. She has the ability to change facial features, though it takes a lot of energy. 

She’s just moved to a small state and does not have a job. For the time being, she’s living off her inheritance – there’s enough for her to not work until she’s two hundred, if she were so inclined. Before she moved, she worked as a translator and literature is her biggest passion: whenever she takes up a new residence she works on designing and compiling a library.

She doesn’t fear much except for being caught on the run. Shortly after she became immortal, her other half (sometimes referred to as her mate) rejected the idea of immortality. In order to avoid ruining his life or hers, she packed up and left, never staying too long in one place for fear of being found and having to face reality. Nowadays she still misses him and dreams about showing him the world as as immortal being, once the world expands to limitless. Her actions in actively moving from one place to the next are based on fear and self-preservation and love, which can be a confusing blend at times. 

The remainder of her story remains unwritten.

Written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge:

6 thoughts on “It’s Not a Ghost That Haunts Me”

    1. Thank you! I confess I readapted it a bit from my NaNoWriMo – the scene was preexisting but I didn’t fancy going through 40 pages to find it, so I drew this together.

      As for finding out more, yes, sometime. I hope to publish, or self-publish, so I’ll likely go into detail on here again before publishing.

      Thanks again 🙂


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